Commit dc4fe017 authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu
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Remove abandon cruft

parent de979281
# $OpenLDAP$
SRCS = idl.c add.c search.c cache.c dbcache.c dn2id.c entry.c \
id2entry.c index.c id2children.c nextid.c abandon.c \
id2entry.c index.c id2children.c nextid.c \
compare.c group.c modify.c modrdn.c delete.c init.c \
config.c bind.c attr.c filterindex.c unbind.c close.c \
alias.c tools.c key.c extended.c passwd.c sasl.c \
referral.c attribute.c operational.c
OBJS = idl.lo add.lo search.lo cache.lo dbcache.lo dn2id.lo entry.lo \
id2entry.lo index.lo id2children.lo nextid.lo abandon.lo \
id2entry.lo index.lo id2children.lo nextid.lo \
compare.lo group.lo modify.lo modrdn.lo delete.lo init.lo \
config.lo bind.lo attr.lo filterindex.lo unbind.lo close.lo \
alias.lo tools.lo key.lo extended.lo passwd.lo sasl.lo \
# $OpenLDAP$
SRCS = init.c search.c compare.c abandon.c modify.c bind.c \
SRCS = init.c search.c compare.c modify.c bind.c \
operational.c \
cache.c entry.c \
backend.c database.c thread.c conn.c rww.c log.c \
operation.c sent.c
OBJS = init.lo search.lo compare.lo abandon.lo modify.lo bind.lo \
OBJS = init.lo search.lo compare.lo modify.lo bind.lo \
operational.lo \
cache.lo entry.lo \
backend.lo database.lo thread.lo conn.lo rww.lo log.lo \
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