Commit e53214b2 authored by Kurt Zeilenga's avatar Kurt Zeilenga
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ITS#1965: use snprintf

parent 1677f178
......@@ -113,15 +113,16 @@ doargs(
g->one_shot_mode = 1;
case 'r': /* slapd replog file */
strncpy( g->slapd_replogfile, optarg,
sizeof(g->slapd_replogfile)-1 );
g->slapd_replogfile[sizeof(g->slapd_replogfile)-1] = '\0';
snprintf( g->slapd_replogfile, sizeof g->slapd_replogfile,
"%s", optarg );
case 't': /* dir to use for our copies of replogs */
g->slurpd_rdir = (char *)malloc (strlen(optarg) + sizeof("/replica"));
sprintf(g->slurpd_rdir, "%s" LDAP_DIRSEP "replica", optarg);
case 't': { /* dir to use for our copies of replogs */
size_t sz;
g->slurpd_rdir = (char *)malloc (sz = (strlen(optarg) + sizeof("/replica")));
snprintf(g->slurpd_rdir, sz,
"%s" LDAP_DIRSEP "replica", optarg);
} break;
usage( g->myname );
return( -1 );
......@@ -135,11 +136,13 @@ doargs(
/* Set location/name of our private copy of the slapd replog file */
sprintf( g->slurpd_replogfile, "%s" LDAP_DIRSEP "%s", g->slurpd_rdir,
snprintf( g->slurpd_replogfile, sizeof g->slurpd_replogfile,
"%s" LDAP_DIRSEP "%s", g->slurpd_rdir,
/* Set location/name of the slurpd status file */
sprintf( g->slurpd_status_file, "%s" LDAP_DIRSEP "%s", g->slurpd_rdir,
snprintf( g->slurpd_status_file, sizeof g->slurpd_status_file,
"%s" LDAP_DIRSEP "%s", g->slurpd_rdir,
ber_set_option(NULL, LBER_OPT_DEBUG_LEVEL, &ldap_debug);
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