Commit ece1c226 authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu
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Add dgIdentity from draft-haripriya-dynamicgroup-02

parent 7ef61c0e
......@@ -43,6 +43,8 @@
# In other words, the Netscape definitions are broken and interoperability
# is not guaranteed.
# Also see the new DynGroup prposed spec at
objectIdentifier NetscapeRoot 2.16.840.1.113730
......@@ -50,14 +52,31 @@ objectIdentifier NetscapeLDAP NetscapeRoot:3
objectIdentifier NetscapeLDAPattributeType NetscapeLDAP:1
objectIdentifier NetscapeLDAPobjectClass NetscapeLDAP:2
objectIdentifier OpenLDAPExp11
objectIdentifier DynGroupBase OpenLDAPExp11:8
objectIdentifier DynGroupAttr DynGroupBase:1
objectIdentifier DynGroupOC DynGroupBase:2
attributetype ( NetscapeLDAPattributeType:198
NAME 'memberURL'
DESC 'Identifies an URL associated with each member of a group. Any type of labeled URL can be used.'
SUP labeledURI )
attributetype ( DynGroupAttr:1
NAME 'dgIdentity'
DESC 'Identity to use when processing the memberURL'
SUP distinguishedName SINGLE-VALUE )
objectClass ( NetscapeLDAPobjectClass:33
NAME 'groupOfURLs'
MAY ( memberURL $ businessCategory $ description $ o $ ou $
owner $ seeAlso ) )
# The Haripriya dyngroup schema still needs a lot of work.
# We're just adding support for the dgIdentity attribute for now...
objectClass ( DynGroupOC:1
NAME 'dgIdentityAux'
MAY dgIdentity )
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