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This patch is intended to be applied to Berkeley DB 4.2.52 and,
if applied, will automatically be used by slapd(8) back-bdb/hdb.
Without this patch the BDB DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE option will not work,
nor will db_archive allow any transaction log files to be removed
while slapd is running.
The patch can be applied using patch(1) as follows
The patch can be applied to the BDB source using patch(1) as follows
cd db-4.2.52
patch < openldap-src/build/BerkeleyDB42.patch
patch -p0 < openldap-src/build/BerkeleyDB42.patch
(modify directory paths as necessary).
(modify directory paths as necessary, then recompile and reinstall
the BerkeleyDB 4.2 library.)
The patch should not be applied to Berkeley DB 4.3.
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