Commit f06021e3 authored by Randy Kunkee's avatar Randy Kunkee
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Fix ITS#1239:

slapadd core-dumps when destroying db's env (Sleepycat 3.2.9) (ITS#1239)
Only call ldbm_shutdown_env if the database has been opened, ie. when
li->li_dbenv != NULL.  Would appear any time a shutdown occurred and
not all LDBM databases were opened.
parent 9b0e5835
......@@ -218,7 +218,8 @@ ldbm_back_db_destroy(
/* should free/destroy every in be_private */
struct ldbminfo *li = (struct ldbminfo *) be->be_private;
if (li->li_dbenv)
free( li->li_directory );
attr_index_destroy( li->li_attrs );
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