1. 22 Oct, 2001 4 commits
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      Moved AttributeDescription caching into main code: · 0e16f6ac
      Howard Chu authored
         Changed AttributeDescription.{ad_cname,ad_lang} to struct berval everywhere
         Deleted ad_free() everywhere
         Added ad_mutex to init.c
      The AttributeDescriptions are in a linked list hanging off of the
      corresponding AttributeType.
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    • Pierangelo Masarati's avatar
      use AC_MEMCPY instead of str[n]cpy · 03a97678
      Pierangelo Masarati authored
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      It now sort of works, but needs some normalization work and proper · 7581e304
      Julio Sánchez Fernández authored
      error reporting to client and syslog. And indexing, of course.
      Now, the problem is that matching rules get called from different
      places that are inconsistent in what an assertedValue is.  When doing
      a modify, a full certificate value is passed (to verify it isn't
      already there).  When doing a search or compare, the passed value is
      in the syntax of the matching rule.
      Consistency would require that the caller extracts an asserted value
      from the full value before calling smr_match.  It can do this by
      calling smr_convert (it was unused, was it meant to be used for
      Unfortunately, the caller is typically value_find, value_match, etc.
      that have themselves little knowledge of what they are dealing with,
      so their interface needs to be extended, new flag values or new
      arguments, so that they know if they have a value in attribute type
      syntax or in matching rule syntax.
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