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      Round one of LDAP_F() macro changes. In this round we rename · 9ef1a740
      Kurt Zeilenga authored
      macros into our namespace and limit use to headers.  A subsequent
      round will add macros to separately handle forward declarations
      of variables from declaration of function prototypes.  The last
      round will add additional macros for declaring actual variables and
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      Vienna Bulk Commit · dc07e765
      Kurt Zeilenga authored
      This commit includes many changes.  All changes compile under NT but
      have not been tested under UNIX.
      A Summary of changes (likely incomplete):
      NT changes:
      	Removed lint.
      	Clean up configuration support for "Debug", "Release", "SDebug",
      		and "SRelease" configurations.
      	Share output directories for clients, libraries,
      		and slapd.  (maybe they should be combined further
      		and moved to build/{,S}{Debug,Release}).
      	Enable threading when _MT is defined.
      	Enable debuging when _DEBUG is defined.
      	Disable setting of NDEBUG under Release/SRelease.  Asserts
      		are disabled in <ac/assert.h> when LDAP_DEBUG is not
      	Added 'build/main.dsp' Master project.
      	Removed non-slapd projects from slapd.dsp (see main.dsp).
      	Removed replaced many uses of _WIN32 macro with feature based
      ldap_cdefs.h changes
      	#define LDAP_CONST const
      		(see below)
      	#define LDAP_F(type) LDAP_F_PRE type LDAP_F_POST
      		To allow specifiers to be added before and after
      		the type declaration.  (For DLL handling)
      LBER/LDAP changes
      	Namespace changes:
      		s/lber_/ber_/ for here and there.
      	Deleted NULLMSG and other NULL* macros for namespace reasons.
      	"const" libraries.  Installed headers (ie: lber.h, ldap.h)
      		use LDAP_CONST macro.  Normally set to 'const' when
      		__STDC__.  Can be set externally to enable/disable
      		'constification' of external interface.  Internal
      		interface always uses 'const'.  Did not fix warnings
      		in -lldif (in lieu of new LDIF parser).
      	Added _ext API implementations (excepting search and bind).
      		Need to implement ldap_int_get_controls() for reponses
      		with controls.
      	Added numberous assert() checks.
      	_MT defines HAVE_NT_THREADS
      	Added numberous assert() checks.
      	Changed ldap_pthread_t back to unsigned long.  Used cast
      	to HANDLE in _join().
      	Replaced _WIN32 with HAVE_SYSLOG
      	Added version string if MKVERSION is not defined.  (MKVERSION
      		needs to be set under UNIX).
      	Made connection sockbuf field a pointer to a sockbuf.  This
      		removed slap.h dependency on lber-int.h.  lber-int.h now only
      		included by those files needing to mess with the sockbuf.
      	Used ber_* functions/macros to access sockbuf internals whenever
      	Added version string if MKVERSION is not defined.  (MKVERSION
      		needs to be set under UNIX).
      	Removed FD_SET unsigned lint
      	Used EXEEXT to added ".exe" to routines.  Need to define EXEEXT
      		under UNIX.
      	Added ldappasswd.dsp.  Ported to NT.  Used getpid() to seed rand().
      	Minor cleanup.  Added "portable.h" include and used <ac/*.h> where
      	appropriate.  Added const to char* format argument.
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