1. 24 Apr, 2000 1 commit
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      for slurpd's replica directory (slurpd.status, and rej file) use a subdir of... · 47f53d7b
      Ben Collins authored
      for slurpd's replica directory (slurpd.status, and rej file) use a subdir of what the user specifies (add replica/ to it) to avoid /tmp races. A lot of the files that slurpd uses cannot be opened with O_EXCL, nor can we safely determine if there are any hardlinks from another file to it, so we create our own subdirectory so we can control the perms, even in /tmp
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  4. 15 Nov, 1998 1 commit
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      Mongo patch: changes from -devel from 981105 snap to present · 3ab8c583
      Kurt Zeilenga authored
          Changed LDBM default to sync on writes
          Added mail500 BOUNCEFROM patch
          Added dbcachenowsync option
          Fixed slapd/ldbm id2children bug
          Fixed slapd/shell newline bug
          Fixed whois++ get_dn leak
          Fixed DEC OSF1 (alpha) support
          Fixed r/w lock initialization on non-final Pthreads
          Fixed slapd/slurpd file unlock bugs
          Fixed slurpd string translation bug
          Fixed slurpd/st mutex unlock bug
          Moved detach() to -llutil
          Added lutil_passwd() to -llutil
              Fixed thread detection
              Removed gcc -traditional tests
              Changed --enable-dns to require --enable-referrals
              Added -lresolv tests for ldapd and LDAP_DNS
              Added basic ISODE checks
              Added pwd.h &  getpwuid() tests
              Added sys/resource.h test
          Updated NT support (now builds ud)
          Removed lint
  5. 09 Aug, 1998 1 commit