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      Patch: 'ldapmodify -y file' reads password from file (ITS#2031) · 8de258d2
      Kurt Zeilenga authored
      Written by Hallvard B. Furuseth and placed into the public domain.
      This software is not subject to any license of the University of Oslo.
      Adapted by Kurt Zeilenga for inclusion in OpenLDAP.  My comments are
      marked with enclosed with square brackets (e.g. [Kurt's comment] below.
      If I run ldapmodify & co from a script, I don't want to use '-W password'
      because the password shows up in the output of 'ps' for everyone,
      and I can't pipe the password to 'ldapmodify -w' because -w uses
      getpassphrase() which reads from the tty instead of stdin.
      So I added '-y file' which reads the password from file.  The programs
      exit if the file cannot be read.
      [Complete contents of file is used as password.  Use:
      	echo -n "secret" > password
      to create a file with "secret" as the password.  The -n avoids
      adding a newline (which would invalidate the password).  Note
      that echo is a builtin and hence its arguments are not visible
      to 'ps'.]
      I changed ldapmodify, ldapmodrdn, ldapdelete, ldapsearch, ldapcompare.
      I did not bother to change ldappasswd and ldapwhoami, because they
      prompt for many passwords.  [I fixed up ldapwhoami.]
      Rerun autoconf after applying this patch. [Done.]
      Note:  I do not know if Windows NT has fstat(), so I set HAVE_FSTAT to
      undef in portable.nt.  (fstat() is used to warn if the file is publicly
      readable or writeable.)  [I used fstat() to set the buffer size to
      [Note: using the contents of a file extends the tools to support
      passwords which could not normally be provided using getpassphrase()
      or via the command line.]
      Hallvard B. Furuseth <h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no>, Aug 2002.
      [Kurt D. Zeilenga <kurt@openldap.org>, Aug 2002.]
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      -C/-R changes · 15c403bd
      Kurt Zeilenga authored
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      Modify ldapsearch(1) significantly. Now handles LDAPv3 search · 5f20cf1e
      Kurt Zeilenga authored
      references, extended results, and extended partial results.  LDIF
      extended to support these new features and reported version 2.
      -L now limits output to LDIFv1 for compatibility reasons.  No
      -L is now LDIFv2.  Old alternative form is no longer supported.
      Use LDAP_TMPDIR (in ldap_config.h) instead of hardcoded /tmp
      Use LDAP_FILE_URI_PREFIX (in ldap_config.h) instead of hardcoded
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