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      ITS#8575 Implement argon2 password hashing as a module · 7e3822f3
      Simon Levermann authored and Ondřej Kuzník's avatar Ondřej Kuzník committed
      This change implements argon2, which won the Password Hashing
      Competition (https://password-hashing.net/) as a contrib-module in order
      to provide a modern password hashing alternative in openldap. The
      currently available password hashing algorithms are relatively old, and
      modern hardware, especially GPUs can compute quite a few (ranging from
      tens of thousands to millions) of hashes per second. Argon2 was designed
      to withstand such attacks.
      This implementation uses the default work factors used in the argon2
      command line client, but the resulting hashes are stored in a way that
      would allow retroactive changes to these values, or even exposing them
      as configuration in the module.
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