Commit 1bc59be1 authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu
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Fix initial config file info

parent 44521fd9
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ typedef struct {
} CfBackInfo;
/* These do nothing in slapd, they're kept only to make them
* editable in back-config
* editable here.
static char *replica_pidFile, *replica_argsFile;
static int replicationInterval;
......@@ -91,38 +91,34 @@ static int add_syncrepl LDAP_P(( Backend *, char **, int ));
static int parse_syncrepl_line LDAP_P(( char **, int, syncinfo_t *));
static void syncrepl_unparse LDAP_P (( syncinfo_t *, struct berval *));
/* All of these table entries and handlers really belong
* in back-config, only the parser/table engine belongs here.
static int config_fname(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_generic(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_search_base(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_passwd_hash(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_schema_dn(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_sizelimit(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_timelimit(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_limits(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_overlay(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_suffix(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_deref_depth(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_rootdn(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_rootpw(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_restrict(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_allows(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_disallows(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_requires(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_security(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_referral(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_loglevel(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_syncrepl(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_replica(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_updatedn(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_updateref(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_include(ConfigArgs *c);
static ConfigDriver config_fname;
static ConfigDriver config_generic;
static ConfigDriver config_search_base;
static ConfigDriver config_passwd_hash;
static ConfigDriver config_schema_dn;
static ConfigDriver config_sizelimit;
static ConfigDriver config_timelimit;
static ConfigDriver config_limits;
static ConfigDriver config_overlay;
static ConfigDriver config_suffix;
static ConfigDriver config_deref_depth;
static ConfigDriver config_rootdn;
static ConfigDriver config_rootpw;
static ConfigDriver config_restrict;
static ConfigDriver config_allows;
static ConfigDriver config_disallows;
static ConfigDriver config_requires;
static ConfigDriver config_security;
static ConfigDriver config_referral;
static ConfigDriver config_loglevel;
static ConfigDriver config_syncrepl;
static ConfigDriver config_replica;
static ConfigDriver config_updatedn;
static ConfigDriver config_updateref;
static ConfigDriver config_include;
#ifdef HAVE_TLS
static int config_tls_option(ConfigArgs *c);
static int config_tls_config(ConfigArgs *c);
static ConfigDriver config_tls_option;
static ConfigDriver config_tls_config;
enum {
......@@ -543,6 +539,7 @@ ConfigTable config_back_cf_table[] = {
static ConfigOCs cf_ocs[] = {
{ "( OLcfgOc:1 "
"NAME 'olcConfig' "
......@@ -2468,6 +2465,16 @@ syncrepl_unparse( syncinfo_t *si, struct berval *bv )
read_config(const char *fname, int depth) {
if ( !backend_db_init( "config" ))
return 1;
ber_str2bv( fname, 0, 1, &cf_prv.c_file );
return read_config_file(fname, depth, NULL);
static int
config_back_bind( Operation *op, SlapReply *rs )
......@@ -384,14 +384,6 @@ init_config_ocs( ConfigOCs *ocs ) {
return 0;
read_config(const char *fname, int depth) {
if ( !backend_db_init( "config" ))
return 1;
return read_config_file(fname, depth, NULL);
read_config_file(const char *fname, int depth, ConfigArgs *cf)
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