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minimal documentation of olcAuthIDRewrite

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......@@ -172,6 +172,22 @@ Other options should be registered with IANA, see RFC 4520 section 3.5.
OpenLDAP also has the `binary' option built in, but this is a transfer
option, not a tagging option.
.B olcAuthIDRewrite: <rewrite\-rule>
Used by the authentication framework to convert simple user names
to an LDAP DN used for authorization purposes.
Its purpose is analogous to that of
.BR olcAuthzRegexp
(see below).
.B rewrite\-rule
is a set of rules analogous to those described in
.BR slapo\-rwm (5)
for data rewriting (after stripping the \fIrwm\-\fP prefix).
.B olcAuthIDRewrite
.B olcAuthzRegexp
should not be intermixed.
.B olcAuthzPolicy: <policy>
Used to specify which rules to use for Proxy Authorization. Proxy
authorization allows a client to authenticate to the server using one
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