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document "normalize-mapped-attrs" option

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......@@ -71,6 +71,24 @@ defined as using the distinguishedName syntax.
Also, note that there are DN-related syntaxes (i.e. compound types with
a portion that is DN-valued), like nameAndOptionalUID,
whose values are currently not rewritten.
If the foreign type of an attribute mapping is not defined on the local
server, it might be desireable to have the attribute values normalized after
the mapping process. Not normalizing the values can lead to wrong results,
when the
.B rwm
overlay is used together with e.g. the
.B pcache
overlay. This normalization can be enabled by means of the
.B rwm-normalize-mapped-attrs
.B rwm-normalize-mapped-attrs {yes|no}
Set this to "yes", if the
.B rwm
overlay should try to normalize the values of attributes that are mapped from
an attribute type that is unknown to the local server. The default value of
this setting is "no".
A basic feature of the
.B rwm
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