Commit 8b780915 authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu
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ITS#8622 fix xcursor after cursor_del

Re-fix 6b1df0e4 from ITS#8406
parent a87c8fd8
......@@ -8451,14 +8451,17 @@ mdb_cursor_del0(MDB_cursor *mc)
if (mc->mc_db->md_flags & MDB_DUPSORT) {
MDB_node *node = NODEPTR(m3->mc_pg[m3->mc_top], m3->mc_ki[m3->mc_top]);
/* If this node is a fake page, it needs to be reinited
* because its data has moved. But just reset mc_pg[0]
* if the xcursor is already live.
/* If this node has dupdata, it may need to be reinited
* because its data has moved.
* If the xcursor was not initd it must be reinited.
* Else if node points to a subDB, nothing is needed.
* Else (xcursor was initd, not a subDB) needs mc_pg[0] reset.
if ((node->mn_flags & (F_DUPDATA|F_SUBDATA)) == F_DUPDATA) {
if (m3->mc_xcursor->mx_cursor.mc_flags & C_INITIALIZED)
m3->mc_xcursor->mx_cursor.mc_pg[0] = NODEDATA(node);
if (node->mn_flags & F_DUPDATA) {
if (m3->mc_xcursor->mx_cursor.mc_flags & C_INITIALIZED) {
if (!(node->mn_flags & F_SUBDATA))
m3->mc_xcursor->mx_cursor.mc_pg[0] = NODEDATA(node);
} else
mdb_xcursor_init1(m3, node);
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