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ITS#8977 - Remove documentation for idlexp

The idlexp feature depends on additional work that is not yet done. Remove documentation for the feature
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......@@ -17,18 +17,6 @@ primary database backend.
The \fBmdb\fP backend uses a hierarchical database layout which
supports subtree renames.
.B slapd.conf
options apply to the \fBmdb\fP backend.
That is, they must follow a "backend mdb" line and
come before any subsequent "backend" or "database" lines.
.BI idlexp \ <exp>
Specify a power of 2 for the maximum size of an index slot.
The default is 16, yielding a maximum slot size of 2^16 or 65536.
Once set, this option applies to every \fBmdb\fP database instance.
The specified value must be in the range of 16-31.
.B slapd.conf
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