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Add -T option for invoking in tool mode

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......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ slapd \- Stand-alone LDAP Daemon
.B [\-[4|6]]
.B [\-T (a|c|i|p)]
.B [\-d debug\-level]
.B [\-f slapd\-config\-file]
.B [\-h URLs]
......@@ -64,6 +65,14 @@ Listen on IPv4 addresses only.
.B \-6
Listen on IPv6 addresses only.
.B \-T (a|c|i|p)
Run in Tool mode. The additional argument selects whether to run as
slapadd, slapcat, slapindex, or slappasswd. This option should be the first
option specified when it is used. Any remaining options will be interpreted
by the corresponding slap tool program. Note that these tool programs will
usually be symbolic links to slapd. This option is provided for situations
where symbolic links are not provided or not usable.
.BI \-d " debug\-level"
Turn on debugging as defined by
.I debug\-level.
......@@ -228,6 +237,10 @@ To test whether the configuration file is correct or not, type:
.BR ldap (3),
.BR slapd.conf (5),
.BR slapd.access (5),
.BR slapadd (8),
.BR slapcat (8),
.BR slapindex (8),
.BR slappasswd (8),
.BR slurpd (8)
"OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide" (
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