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......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ $address = '
<FONT COLOR="#808080" FACE="Arial,Verdana,Helvetica" SIZE="1"><B>
<SMALL>&copy; Copyright 1998-2010, <A HREF="">
<SMALL>&copy; Copyright 1998-2011, <A HREF="">
OpenLDAP Foundation</A>, <A HREF=""></A
......@@ -22,15 +22,6 @@ Given the nature of the OpenLDAP Project and particulars of how
services it provides are managed, privacy cannot be offered and
shall not be expected.
Except as explicitly stated herein, users of these services, as
well as any other services provided by the OpenLDAP Foundation
and/or OpenLDAP Project, shall have no expectation of privacy in
their communications with the OpenLDAP Foundation, the OpenLDAP
Project and its volunteers, and shall have no expectation of privacy
in communications via services provided the OpenLDAP Foundation
and/or the OpenLDAP Project.
While staff, volunteers, and users are generally expected to adhere
to norms of Internet etiquette and professional conduct, failure to
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