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......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ inception to January 2007.
Kurt recently noted his primary task left to do within the OpenLDAP
Project is make himself obsolete He hopes that others in the project
will <i>jump on in</i> as he did some 9 years ago, and make OpenLDAP
will <i>jump on in</i> as he did a decade ago, and make OpenLDAP
what they want it to be. While Kurt intends to stay actively
involved in the Project, he thinks the Project would benefit from
<i>new blood</i>. So, please, <b>jump on in</b>.
......@@ -41,8 +41,8 @@ A few of his drafts have become <a href=publications.html#RFC
>RFCs</a>. Kurt is currently co-chairing the <a
href= >Simple
Authentication and Security Layer</a> (SASL) and <a
href= >vCard and CardDAV</a>
(vcarddav) working groups. Kurt
>vCard and CardDAV</a> (vcarddav) working groups. Kurt
is also a member of the <a
href= >LDAP Directorate</a>
and <a href= >Security
......@@ -54,6 +54,9 @@ href="">Isode Limited</a> developing Internet
technology and standards, especially in the Directory, Messaging,
and Security areas.
Kurt is a member of the <a>XMPP Standards Foundation</a>.
<h4>Other pages:</h4>
<li><a href=publications.html>Recent Publications</a>
......@@ -107,6 +107,13 @@ Offers deployment, training and support services for OpenLDAP Software
based solutions. Support is available onsite, by telephone or online.
<dt><a href="">SEOSMART GmbH</a> - Germany
Provides installation, configuration, and technical support services
for users of OpenLDAP Software and other free open-source packages.
<dt><a href="">Senkrecht IT Beratung GmbH</a> - Germany
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