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<page_title name=" Privacy Statement"
keywords="privacy, statement"
description="Statement regarding privacy at"
The OpenLDAP Project is an community effort to develop and support
open source LDAP software. The Project is rooted in the principals
of open participation and open communication. OpenLDAP web site,
FTP site, and other services provides a means for participants in
the effort, including users of OpenLDAP Software, to freely communicate
and share information. These services provided are managed by a
worldwide network of volunteers.
Given the nature of the OpenLDAP Project and particulars of how
services it provides are managed, users of these services shall
have no expectation in privacy in their use of these services,
privacy in their communications to and through Foundation systems,
and, more generally, in their in their partcipation in the OpenLDAP
Except as explicitly stated herein, users of these services, as
well as any other Internet service provided by the OpenLDAP Foundation
and/or OpenLDAP Foundation, shall have no expectation of privacy
in their communications with the OpenLDAP Foundation, the OpenLDAP
Project and its volunteers and shall have no expectation of privacy
in communications via services provided the OpenLDAP Foundation
and/or the OpenLDAP Project.
While the OpenLDAP Foundation staff, OpenLDAP Project and its
volunteers, and users of the OpenLDAP provides services are generally
expected to adhere to norms of Internet etiquette and professional
conduct, failure to adhere to these norms shall not in itself be
construed as counter to any portion of this statement regarding
privacy at
The OpenLDAP Project hosts a number of services, such as our mailing
list system, in which a user is required to register to make use,
or full use, of. In all such systems to which a user registered
to use, the user is identified by a user provided email address.
The user is generally required by confirm they have access to the
independently hosted mailbox identified by the email address by
email exchange. The user's email address is recorded a part of
user information, is used to identify the user in the service and
associated logs, and is used in providing the particular service
to which the user has registered for (such as to provide copies of
messages sent to a list to which the user has subscribed).
The email address identifying the registered user is typically
published with any materials the user submits to the registered
service to identify the submitter to other users.
Only by abstaining from submitting any materials to services requiring
registration may a user prevent their registered email address from
being disclosed to other users and the general public, however
emails addresses of any registered or previously registered users
are available to OpenLDAP Foundation staff and OpenLDAP Project
volunteers. As volunteers are not generally legally bound to
maintain registered users' email addresses in confidence, users
shall have no expectation of privacy with respected their registered
email addresses.
In the event a user wishes to cease obtain a particular service
that requires registration, the user may deregister from the service.
In which case, the user email address and associated passord will
be removed from the authentication database for that service.
However, the user's email address published in any published content
will remain in tact.
In the ordinary course of providing various Internet Services to
the OpenLDAP Project and others, the OpenLDAP Foundation logs a
wide range of information, including information which identify the
particular IP address accessing our the service, particulars of the
access, and exchanged content. While generally such logs records
are purged on a regular basis by automated means, copies of logs
may be maintained for an extended period as operational or other
circumstances dictate. Log information, as circumstances may
dicate, may be shared with 3rd parties. For instance, log information
recording abuse of the provided services may be shared with 3rd
parties (such as abuse reporting clearing houses).
Email sent to an email address under the domain will
generally not be regarded as private communication and may generally
be shared with others by the receipent. For instance, email sent to
various project contact addresses are commonly shared amongst the
volunteers managing the project, which in turn may share them with
others and/or forward the message to internal mailing lists, and by
so doing, cause the email to be recorded in archives.
This statement does not absolve anyone from their responsibilities
and duties not to trample the rights of others. This statement
is intended more as a cautionary note that there is little to no
"right of privacy" exists in communications with the
and/or the use of services provide by the OpenLDAP Foundation and/or
OpenLDAP Project.
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