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ITS#6134 note Active and Partial states

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......@@ -74,8 +74,10 @@ worked. Open issues may be placed in a number of directories.<br>
Incoming issues are automatically classified as Open.</td></tr>
<tr><th valign=top>Suspended</th><td>Suspended (unresolved) issues which are pending for any number of reasons.</td></tr>
<tr><th valign=top>Feedback</th><td>Issues requiring feedback</td></tr>
<tr><th valign=top>Active</th><td>Issues currently being worked on</td></tr>
<tr><th valign=top>Test</th><td>Issues with testable solutions</td></tr>
<tr><th valign=top>Release</th><td>Issues with releasable solutions</td></tr>
<tr><th valign=top>Partial</th><td>Issues with partial solutions released</td></tr>
<tr><th valign=top>Closed</th><td>Closed (resolved) Issues</td></tr>
<tr><th valign=top><i>All<i></th><td>Psuedo state for searching all issues</td></tr>
<tr><th valign=top><i>Not Closed<i></th><td>Psuedo state for searching active issues</td></tr>
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