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Some ideas for 2.5

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......@@ -164,17 +164,23 @@ Functional enhancements and improved scalability:
<li>Expanded monitoring
<li>Multiple new Overlays
<li>Expanded documentation
<li>New socket backend (experimental)
<li>LDAPv3 extensions:
<li>LDAP Chaining Operation support
<li>LDAP Don't Use Copy Control support
<li>LDAP Dynamic Directory Services (RFC2589)
<li>LDAP Transaction support
<li>LDAP Transaction support (work in progress)
<h3>Future <a name=minor>Minor</a> Releases</h3>
<dt>OpenLDAP 2.5 (TBD)
<dd>Functional enhancements:
<li>Dynamic syntax engine (Forth-based)
<li>More extensive dynamic configuration
<h3>Future <a name=major>Major</a> Releases</h3>
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