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The OpenLDAP Project is an community effort to develop and support
The OpenLDAP Project is a community effort to develop and support
open source LDAP software. The Project is rooted in the principals
of open participation and open communication. OpenLDAP web site,
FTP site, and other services provides a means for participants in
......@@ -19,11 +19,8 @@ worldwide network of volunteers.
Given the nature of the OpenLDAP Project and particulars of how
services it provides are managed, users of these services shall
have no expectation in privacy in their use of these services,
privacy in their communications to and through Foundation systems,
and, more generally, in their in their partcipation in the OpenLDAP
services it provides are managed, little to no privacy can or
should be expected here.
Except as explicitly stated herein, users of these services, as
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