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<FONT COLOR="#808080" FACE="Arial,Verdana,Helvetica" SIZE="1"><B>
<SMALL>&copy; Copyright 1998-2011, <A HREF="">
OpenLDAP Foundation</A>, <A HREF=""></A
......@@ -71,37 +71,37 @@ our $GIT = "/usr/pkg/bin/git";
# absolute fs-path which will be prepended to the project path
#our $projectroot = "/pub/scm";
our $projectroot = "/pub/git";
our $projectroot = "/repo/git";
# fs traversing limit for getting project list
# the number is relative to the projectroot
our $project_maxdepth = 2007;
# string of the home link on top of all pages
our $home_link_str = "projects";
our $home_link_str = "packages";
# name of your site or organization to appear in page titles
# replace this with something more descriptive for clearer bookmarks
our $site_name = ""
our $site_name = "OpenLDAP Source Repositories"
|| ($ENV{'SERVER_NAME'} || "Untitled") . " Git";
# filename of html text to include at top of each page
our $site_header = "";
our $site_header = "header.html";
# html text to include at home page
our $home_text = "indextext.html";
# filename of html text to include at bottom of each page
our $site_footer = "";
our $site_footer = "footer.html";
# URI of stylesheets
our @stylesheets = ("static/gitweb.css");
our @stylesheets = ("/icons/gitweb.css");
# URI of a single stylesheet, which can be overridden in GITWEB_CONFIG.
our $stylesheet = undef;
# URI of GIT logo (72x27 size)
our $logo = "static/git-logo.png";
our $logo = "/icons/git-logo.png";
# URI of GIT favicon, assumed to be image/png type
our $favicon = "static/git-favicon.png";
our $favicon = "/icons/git-favicon.png";
# URI of gitweb.js (JavaScript code for gitweb)
our $javascript = "static/gitweb.js";
our $javascript = "/icons/gitweb.js";
# URI and label (title) of GIT logo link
#our $logo_url = "";
......@@ -4829,7 +4829,7 @@ sub git_project_list_body {
if ($check_forks) {
print "<th></th>\n";
print_sort_th('project', $order, 'Project');
print_sort_th('project', $order, 'Package');
print_sort_th('descr', $order, 'Description');
print_sort_th('owner', $order, 'Owner');
print_sort_th('age', $order, 'Last Change');
<a alt="OpenLDAP" href="/"><img border="0" src="/images/headers/LDAPlogo.gif"></img></a>
This is a WWW interface to read-only mirror of the OpenLDAP Source Repository.
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