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ITS#9639 - Document chroot requirements for slapd.

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......@@ -251,7 +251,13 @@ used as a security mechanism, it should be used in conjunction with
.B \-u
.B \-g
options. The chroot environment must contain the Cyrus SASL plugins, the
TLS certificates, and dev/urandom. For Kerberos V: the keytab and the
/var/tmp directory, unless the value of the variable KRB5RCACHEDIR is
changed. For the systemd service with type=notify the file
/run/systemd/notify within the chroot must be bind-mounted to
/run/systemd/notify outside the chroot. The file can be mounted on
ExecStartPre= and unmounted in ExecStartPost=.
.BI \-u \ user
.B slapd
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