Commit 77df2137 authored by Kurt Zeilenga's avatar Kurt Zeilenga
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add some additional projects

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......@@ -33,8 +33,10 @@ Large projects
Redesign slapd memory allocation fault handling
Perform a security audit (and fix any hole found)
Implement collective attributes
Implement localization
Medium projects
Modify -lldap to be reentrant/threadsafe implement LDAP
......@@ -43,12 +45,13 @@ Modify libraries to use application specified logging routines
Modify servers to use reentrant library functions
Implement authPassword (RFC 3112)
Small projects
Add support for simple paged results control
Add support for duplicate entry control
Add support for matched values control
Add tests to test suite (ACI, moddn, manageDSAit, subtyping, etc.)
Update -lldap TLS checking to fully implement RFC 2829/2830
Create ldapbind (from ldappasswd?) to support bind operations
Create ldapcompare (from ldapsearch) to support compare operations
Create ldapquery (from ldapsearch?) to support searching
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