Commit 8f779157 authored by Kurt Zeilenga's avatar Kurt Zeilenga
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Change rlookups default to 'no' (from 'auto')

parent 77c9fb66
......@@ -153,7 +153,7 @@ OL_ARG_ENABLE(spasswd,[ --enable-spasswd enable (Cyrus) SASL password verif
OL_ARG_ENABLE(modules,[ --enable-modules enable dynamic module support], no)dnl
dnl OL_ARG_ENABLE(multimaster,[ --enable-multimaster enable multimaster replication], no)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(phonetic,[ --enable-phonetic enable phonetic/soundex], no)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(rlookups,[ --enable-rlookups enable reverse lookups], auto)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(rlookups,[ --enable-rlookups enable reverse lookups], no)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(aci,[ --enable-aci enable per-object ACIs], no)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(wrappers,[ --enable-wrappers enable tcp wrapper support], no)dnl
OL_ARG_ENABLE(dynamic,[ --enable-dynamic enable linking built binaries with dynamic libs], no)dnl
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