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Update init and ldap.conf(5) to handle LDAPNOINIT, LDAPCONF, LDAPRC

environment settings.
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......@@ -10,15 +10,25 @@ The
configuration file is used to set system-wide defaults to be applied when
.I ldap
Note that each user may specify an optional configuration file,
clients. If the environment variable \fBLDAPNOINIT\fP is defined, all
defaulting is disabled.
Each user may specify an optional configuration file,
.IR .ldaprc ,
in his/her home directory which will be used to override system-wide
defaults file. The user may also provide a local configuration
.I ldaprc
which will be used to override per-user and system-wide defaults.
Environmental variables may be used to file based defaults.
in his/her home directory which will be used to override the system-wide
defaults file.
Additional configuration files can be specified using
the \fBLDAPCONF\fP and \fBLDAPRC\fP environment variables.
\fBLDAPCONF\fP may be set the path of a configuration file. This
patch can be absolute or relative to current working directory.
The \fBLDAPRC\fP, if defined, should be a basename of a file
in the current working directory or in the user's home directory.
Environmental variables may also be used to augment the file based defaults.
The name of the option is the as listed but with a prefix of \fBLDAP\fP.
For example, to define \fBBASE\fP via the environment, define the variable
\fBLDAPBASE\fP to desired value.
The different configuration options are:
.TP 1i
......@@ -61,6 +71,10 @@ dereferenced when searching, or dereferenced only when locating the
base object for the search. The default is to never dereference aliases.
.I ETCDIR/ldap.conf
.I $HOME/.ldaprc
.I $CWD/.ldaprc
......@@ -314,12 +314,20 @@ void openldap_ldap_initialize( void )
char *altfile = getenv("LDAPRC");
char *altfile = getenv("LDAPCONF");
if( altfile != NULL ) {
openldap_ldap_init_w_conf( altfile );
char *altfile = getenv("LDAPRC");
if( altfile != NULL ) {
openldap_ldap_init_w_userconf( altfile );
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