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ITS#9716 - Updates to the admin guide for OpenLDAP 2.6

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......@@ -5,70 +5,22 @@
H1: Changes Since Previous Release
The following sections attempt to summarize the new features and changes in OpenLDAP
software since the 2.4.x release and the OpenLDAP Admin Guide.
software since the 2.5.x release and the OpenLDAP Admin Guide.
H2: New Guide Sections
In order to make the Admin Guide more thorough and cover the majority of questions
asked on the OpenLDAP mailing lists and scenarios discussed there, we have added the following new sections:
* {{SECT:When should I use LDAP?}}
* {{SECT:When should I not use LDAP?}}
* {{SECT:Access Control}}
* {{SECT:Backends}}
* {{SECT:Overlays}}
* {{SECT:Replication}}
* {{SECT:Maintenance}}
* {{SECT:Monitoring}}
* {{SECT:Tuning}}
* {{SECT:Troubleshooting}}
* {{SECT:Changes Since Previous Release}}
* {{SECT:Upgrading from 2.4.x}}
* {{SECT:Common errors encountered when using OpenLDAP Software}}
* {{SECT:Recommended OpenLDAP Software Dependency Versions}}
* {{SECT:Real World OpenLDAP Deployments and Examples}}
* {{SECT:OpenLDAP Software Contributions}}
* {{SECT:Configuration File Examples}}
* {{SECT:LDAP Result Codes}}
* {{SECT:Glossary}}
Also, the table of contents is now 3 levels deep to ease navigation.
H2: New Features and Enhancements in 2.5
H3: Better {{B:cn=config}} functionality
H3: Better {{B:cn=schema}} functionality
H3: More sophisticated Syncrepl configurations
H3: Replicating {{slapd}} Configuration (syncrepl and {{B:cn=config}})
H3: More extensive TLS configuration control
H3: Performance enhancements
H3: New overlays
H3: New features in existing Overlays
H2: New Features and Enhancements in 2.6
H3: New features in slapd
H3: New features in libldap
slapd now supports logging directly to a file, bypassing syslog.
H3: New clients, tools and tool enhancements
H3: New features in lloadd
H3: New build options
lloadd now supports additional balancing mechansims
H2: Obsolete Features Removed From 2.5
H2: Obsolete Features Removed From 2.6
These features were strongly deprecated in 2.4 and removed in 2.5.
These features were strongly deprecated in 2.5 and removed in 2.6.
H3: back-bdb and back-hdb
H3: back-ndb
back-bdb and back-hdb were significantly slower than back-mdb and
required significant tuning of multiple parameters to maximize
performance. back-mdb requires no tuning and provides all the
functionality previously provided via back-bdb and back-hdb.
The experimental and incomplete back-ndb backend was removed.
......@@ -6,14 +6,14 @@
# Preamble for all OpenLDAP SDF documents
!default VERSION 2.5
!default VERSION 2.6
# Paths are relative to the main subdirectories
!define DOC_AUTHOR "The OpenLDAP Project <{{URL:}}>"
!define DOC_NAME "OpenLDAP Software 2.5"
!define DOC_NAME "OpenLDAP Software 2.6"
!define DOC_TYPE "Guide"
!define DOC_LOGO "../images/LDAPlogo.gif"
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