Commit 33d4f67e authored by Kurt Zeilenga's avatar Kurt Zeilenga
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Update CHANGES based upon recent imports from devel.

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......@@ -4,13 +4,28 @@ Changes included in OpenLDAP 1.1.x
Fixed slapd/ldbm/delete initialization bug (ITS#31)
Fixed slapd/ldif2ldbm MAXARGS bug (ITS#34)
Fixed slapd/delete bugs (ITS#39)
Fixed slapd/strtok needs mutex bug
Fixed salpd/tcpd DoS bug
Fixed slapd/tcpd DoS bug
Fixed ud bogus msgfree bug (ITS#43)
Fixed slapd/add,delete,modrdn parent lock bug
Updated slapd/modrdn ACL handling
Updated slapd/search deallocation
Updated slapd to use pthread_detach()
Updated slapd thread initialization
Updated lthread to provide sched_yield() if missing
Updated slapd shutdown code to use condition wait
Build environment
Added DB2 patch information
Added distclean target
Fixed doc/man reinstall bug
Fixed make clean
Fixed --disable-slurpd
Fixed VPATH support
Fixed REENTRANT multiple definition issue
Updated pthread checking
Updated res_search check
Updated library linking
Changes included in OpenLDAP 1.1.2
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