Commit 66834de0 authored by Quanah Gibson-Mount's avatar Quanah Gibson-Mount
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Remove TODO file for 2.5 branch

parent eae8956b
Leftover bits from ITS#8294 -- Drop custom SHA2 code, use default crypto library SHA2 functions instead
May need to document minimum crypto library version requirements
Can also include sha2.c in slapd-sha2.c and make everything static
New syslog engine
[12:45] <hyc> I meant regcomp and regexec
[12:45] <hyc> mainly - compile a pattern, then fill in substitution parameters later
[12:46] <hyc> yes but the idea is still based on numbered substitution parameters
[12:47] <hyc> it's a pretty obvious approach, and with regex, time-tested.
[12:48] <hyc> I may try to sneak it into OpenLDAP 2.5
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