Commit f928413a authored by Robert Dubner's avatar Robert Dubner
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Repair error caused by username with fewer than four characters

parent 511d1981
......@@ -1810,10 +1810,13 @@ respond_to_ttls_md5_challenge( EAP_MESSAGE *internal_eap_message,
uint8_t internal_eap_message_id = internal_eap_message->Identifier;
int internal_eap_message_length = get_eap_length(internal_eap_message);
if( internal_eap_message_length < 26 )
if( internal_eap_message_length < 23 )
// Per RFC1994 and RFC3748: Minimum byte count:
// Code, Id, Len1, Len2, EAP-response-Type, Value-Size, 16 byte value, one-byte name
"The internal EAP message, at %d bytes, is too short to be an MD5 challenge response\n",
"The internal EAP message, at %d bytes, is too short "
"to be a minimum 23-byte MD5 challenge response\n",
......@@ -700,6 +700,8 @@ radiusov_create_udp_port(BackendDB *be, ConfigReply *cr, int port_number)
// ldap://<host>/<base>?<attrs>?<scope>?<filter>
// ldap_url_parse()
// ldap:///cn=radius,dc=renbud,dc=com?ipa,port?one?(configuration=<desired_config>)
static ConfigDriver radius_config_driver;
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