Commit 1002664c authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu
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Fix rawpart flag collision

parent 1738a2a7
......@@ -1578,14 +1578,14 @@ struct MDB_env {
#endif /* _WIN32 */
/** Failed to update the meta page. Probably an I/O error. */
#define MDB_FATAL_ERROR 0x80000000U
/** using a raw block device */
#define MDB_RAWPART 0x40000000U
/** Some fields are initialized. */
#define MDB_ENV_ACTIVE 0x20000000U
/** me_txkey is set */
#define MDB_ENV_TXKEY 0x10000000U
/** fdatasync is unreliable */
#define MDB_FSYNCONLY 0x08000000U
/** using a raw block device */
#define MDB_RAWPART 0x04000000U
uint32_t me_flags; /**< @ref mdb_env */
unsigned int me_psize; /**< DB page size, inited from me_os_psize */
unsigned int me_os_psize; /**< OS page size, from #GET_PAGESIZE */
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