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......@@ -22,9 +22,23 @@ than on a per-connection basis.
connects to the load balancer instance which then forwards the request to one
of the servers and returns the response back to the client.
H2: When to use the OpenLDAP load balancer
In general, the OpenLDAP load balancer spreads the load evenly between configured backend servers. It does not perform
so-called intelligent routing. It does not understand semantics behind the operations being performed by the clients.
More considerations:
- Servers are indistinguishable with respect to data contents. The exact same copy of data resides on every server.
- Clients do not require 'sticky' sessions.
- The sequence of operations isn't important. For example, read after update isn't required by the client.
- If your client can handle both connection pooling and load distribution then it's preferable to lloadd.
H2: Runtime configurations
It deploys in one of two ways:
^ Standalone dammon: {{ lloadd }}
^ Standalone daemon: {{ lloadd }}
+ Embedded into slapd daemon as a module: {{ lloadd }}
It is recommended to run embedded with slapd because the dynamic configuration (cn=config) and the monitor backend are available.
......@@ -56,16 +70,17 @@ To build the load balancer from source, follow the instructions in the
+ To configure as embedded module to slapd:
..{{EX:./configure --enable-balancer=mod}}
..{{EX:./configure --enable-modules --enable-balancer=mod}}
H2: Sample Runtime
^ To run embedded as embedded {{ lloadd }} module:
^ To run embedded as {{ lloadd }} module:
..{{EX: slapd [-h URLs] [-f lloadd-config-file] [-u user] [-g group]}}
- the startup is the same as starting the {{ slapd }} daemon.
- URLs is for slapd management. The load balancer's listener URLs set in the configuration file or node. (more later)
+ To run as standalone daemon:
......@@ -88,7 +103,7 @@ the {{lloadd}}(5) man page.
{{B:Edit the slapd.conf or cn=config configuration file}}.
To configure your working {{lloadd}}(8) you need to make the following changes to your configuration file:
^ include {{ core.schema }}
^ include {{ core.schema }} (embedded only)
+ {{ TLSShareSlapdCTX { on | off } }}
+ Other common TLS slapd options
+ Setup argsfile/pidfile
......@@ -119,7 +134,6 @@ Sample setup config for load balancer running in front of four slapd instances.
>io-threads 2
># If TLS is configured above, use the same context for the Load Balancer
># If using cn=config, this can be set to false and different settings
># can be used for the Load Balancer
>TLSShareSlapdCTX true
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