Commit 6cb792fe authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu
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ITS#9535 avoid non-portable wc format

Use awk to count lines instead
parent 2cda679e
......@@ -610,9 +610,9 @@ $LDIFFILTER -s a < $TESTDIR/server$n.out > $TESTDIR/server$n.flt
echo "Checking server $n can remember which entries have been deleted even after it's been restarted..."
-E "sync=ro/$cookie" 'objectclass=*' 1.1 | grep syncUUIDs | wc -l >$TESTDIR/repl.out
-E "sync=ro/$cookie" 'objectclass=*' 1.1 | awk '/syncUUIDs/ {count++} END {print count}' >$TESTDIR/repl.out
-E "sync=ro/$cookie" 'objectclass=*' 1.1 | grep SyncDone | grep "refreshDeletes=1" | wc -l >>$TESTDIR/repl.out
-E "sync=ro/$cookie" 'objectclass=*' 1.1 | grep SyncDone | awk '/refreshDeletes=1/ {count++} END {print count}' >>$TESTDIR/repl.out
$CMP $TESTDIR/repl.out $TESTDIR/repl.test > $CMPOUT
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