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ITS#9549 - add a man page for ldapvc

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.\" $OpenLDAP$
.\" Copyright 1998-2021 The OpenLDAP Foundation All Rights Reserved.
.\" Copying restrictions apply. See COPYRIGHT/LICENSE.
ldapvc \- LDAP verify credentials tool
.B ldapvc
.BR \-V [ V ]]
.BI \-d \ debuglevel\fR]
.BR \-a ]
.BR \-b ]
.BR \-n ]
.BR \-v ]
.BR \-x ]
.BI \-D \ binddn\fR]
.BR \-W ]
.BI \-w \ passwd\fR]
.BI \-y \ passwdfile\fR]
.BI \-H \ ldapuri\fR]
.BR \-e \ [ ! ] \fIext\fP [ =\fIextparam\fP ]]
.BR \-E \ [ ! ] \fIext\fP [ =\fIextparam\fP ]]
.BI \-o \ opt \fR[= optparam \fR]]
.BI \-O \ security-properties\fR]
.BR \-I ]
.BR \-Q ]
.BR \-N ]
.BI \-U \ authcid\fR]
.BI \-R \ realm\fR]
.BI \-X \ authzid\fR]
.BI \-Y \ mech\fR]
.BR \-Z [ Z ]]
.I Distinguished Name \
.I [Credentials]
.I ldapvc
implements the LDAP "Verify Credentials" extended operation.
.B Verify Credentials
operation behaves like LDAP Bind but has no impact upon the underlying LDAP session.
.BR \-V [ V ]
Print version info.
If \fB\-VV\fP is given, only the version information is printed.
.BI \-d \ debuglevel
Set the LDAP debugging level to \fIdebuglevel\fP.
.B ldapvc
must be compiled with LDAP_DEBUG defined for this option to have any effect.
.B \-a
Print the authzID resulting from a successful verification of credentials.
.B \-b
Print the results from the ppolicy control after verification of credentials.
.B \-n
Show what would be done, but don't actually perform the operation.
Useful for
debugging in conjunction with \fB\-v\fP.
.B \-v
Run in verbose mode, with many diagnostics written to standard output.
.B \-x
Use simple authentication instead of SASL.
.BI \-D \ binddn
Use the Distinguished Name \fIbinddn\fP to bind to the LDAP directory.
For SASL binds, the server is expected to ignore this value.
.B \-W
Prompt for simple authentication.
This is used instead of specifying the password on the command line.
.BI \-w \ passwd
Use \fIpasswd\fP as the password for simple authentication.
.BI \-y \ passwdfile
Use complete contents of \fIpasswdfile\fP as the password for
simple authentication.
.BI \-H \ ldapuri
Specify URI(s) referring to the ldap server(s); only the protocol/host/port
fields are allowed; a list of URI, separated by whitespace or commas
is expected.
.BR \-e \ [ ! ] \fIext\fP [ =\fIextparam\fP ]
.BR \-E \ [ ! ] \fIext\fP [ =\fIextparam\fP ]
Specify general extensions with \fB\-e\fP and Verify Credentials extensions with \fB\-E\fP.
\'\fB!\fP\' indicates criticality.
General extensions:
[!]assert=<filter> (an RFC 4515 Filter)
[!]bauthzid (RFC 3829 authzid control)
[!]postread[=<attrs>] (a comma-separated attribute list)
[!]preread[=<attrs>] (a comma-separated attribute list)
abandon,cancel,ignore (SIGINT sends abandon/cancel,
or ignores response; if critical, doesn't wait for SIGINT.
not really controls)
Verify Credentials extensions:
The following options set SASL params on the Verify Credentials request:
authcid=<authcid> (SASL Authentication Identity "dn:<dn>" or "u:<user>")
authzid=<authzid> (SASL Authorization Identity "dn:<dn>" or "u:<user>")
mech=<mech> (SASL mechanism default e.g. Simple)
realm=<realm> (SASL Realm, defaults to none)
sasl=a[utomatic]|i[nteractive]|q[uiet] (SASL mode defaults to automatic if any other -E option provided, otherwise none)
secprops=<secprops> (SASL Security Properties)
.BI \-o \ opt \fR[= optparam \fR]
Specify any
.BR ldap.conf (5)
option or one of the following:
nettimeout=<timeout> (in seconds, or "none" or "max")
ldif_wrap=<width> (in columns, or "no" for no wrapping)
.B -o
option that can be passed here, check
.BR ldap.conf (5)
for details.
.BI \-O \ security-properties
Specify SASL security properties.
.B \-I
Enable SASL Interactive mode. Always prompt. Default is to prompt
only as needed.
.B \-Q
Enable SASL Quiet mode. Never prompt.
.B \-N
Do not use reverse DNS to canonicalize SASL host name.
.BI \-U \ authcid
Specify the authentication ID for SASL bind. The form of the ID
depends on the actual SASL mechanism used.
.BI \-R \ realm
Specify the realm of authentication ID for SASL bind. The form of the realm
depends on the actual SASL mechanism used.
.BI \-X \ authzid
Specify the requested authorization ID for SASL bind.
.I authzid
must be one of the following formats:
.BI dn: "<distinguished name>"
.BI u: <username>
.BI \-Y \ mech
Specify the SASL mechanism to be used for authentication. If it's not
specified, the program will choose the best mechanism the server knows.
.BR \-Z [ Z ]
Issue StartTLS (Transport Layer Security) extended operation. If you use
\fB\-ZZ\fP, the command will require the operation to be successful.
ldapvc \-x "uid=Alice,ou=People,dc=example,dc=com"
.BR ldap.conf (5),
.BR ldap (3),
.BR ldap_extended_operation (3)
The OpenLDAP Project <>
.so ../Project
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