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......@@ -64,6 +64,7 @@ OpenLDAP 2.4.14 Engineering
slapd-bdb/hdb expansion on dncachesize behavior (ITS#5721)
slapo-constraint(5) example fix (ITS#5895)
slap*(8) man pages should mention slapd-config (ITS#5828)
slapd(8) document sid (ITS#5873)
slapadd/cat/index(8) note -n 0 for slapd-config (ITS#5891)
Added SEE ALSO slapd-config(5) to relevant man pages (ITS#5914)
......@@ -215,22 +215,34 @@ slapd will use the group database in the change root environment.
.BI \-c " cookie"
This option provides a cookie for the syncrepl replication consumer.
The cookie is a comma separated list of name=value pairs.
The cookie is a comma separated list of \fIname=value\fP pairs.
Currently supported syncrepl cookie fields are
.B rid
.BR rid ,
.BR sid ,
.B csn.
.BR csn .
.B rid
identifies a replication thread within the consumer server
and is used to find the syncrepl specification in
.BR slapd.conf (5)
.BR slapd-config (5)
having the matching replication identifier in its definition. The
.B rid
must be provided in order for any other specified values to be used.
.B sid
is the server id in a multi-master/mirror-mode configuration.
.B csn
is the commit sequence number received by a previous synchronization
and represents the state of the consumer replica content which the
syncrepl engine will synchronize to the current provider content.
In case of \fImirror-mode\fP or \fImulti-master\fP replication agreement,
.B csn
values, semicolon separated, can appear.
Use only the
.B rid
part to force a full reload.
.BI \-o " option[=value]"
This option provides a generic means to specify options without the need to reserve
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