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Suggested changes from Kurt.

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......@@ -60,7 +60,9 @@ OpenLDAP 2.4.12 Release (2008/10/12)
Fixed slapo-unique suffix testing (ITS#5641)
Build Environment
Fixed ODBC library detection (ITS#5602)
Added BDB 4.7 support (ITS#5523)
Removed pre-BerkeleyDB 4.4 support
Added BerkeleyDB 4.7 support (ITS#5523)
Included patch for BerkeleyDB 4.7.25 (build/db.4.7.25.patch)
Added slapo-collect overlay with enhancements(ITS#5659)
Added slapd-ldap(5), slapd-meta(5) noundeffilter (ITS#5614)
......@@ -21,7 +21,8 @@ REQUIRED SOFTWARE
BDB and HDB backends require Oracle Berkeley DB 4.4, 4.5,
4.6, or 4.7. It is highly recommended to apply the patches
from Oracle for a given release.
from Oracle for a given release. In addition, for BDB 4.7,
it is advised to also use the supplied build/db.4.7.25.patch.
Depends on package. See per package README.
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