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......@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@ OpenLDAP 2.4.20 Engineering
Fixed slapd test error ignoring (ITS#6345)
ldap_get_dn(3) typos (ITS#5366)
ldap.conf(5) clarify comment usage (ITS#6384)
slapd.conf(5) note hex server IDs (ITS#6297)
slapd-config(5) note hex server IDs (ITS#6297)
......@@ -53,15 +53,16 @@ Thus the following files and variables are read, in order:
user files $HOME/ldaprc, $HOME/.ldaprc, ./ldaprc,
system file $LDAPCONF,
user files $HOME/$LDAPRC, $HOME/.$LDAPRC, ./$LDAPRC,
variables $LDAP<option-name>.
variables $LDAP<uppercase option name>.
Settings late in the list override earlier ones.
The configuration options are case-insensitive;
their value, on a case by case basis, may be case-sensitive.
Blank lines and lines beginning with a hash mark (`#')
are ignored up to their end.
Blank lines are ignored.
Lines beginning with a hash mark (`#') are comments, and ignored.
Valid lines are made of an option's name (a sequence of non-blanks,
conventionally written in uppercase, although not required),
......@@ -74,19 +75,27 @@ for that option, if any. Quoting values that contain blanks
may be incorrect, as the quotes would become part of the value.
For example,
URI "ldap:// ldaps://"
# Wrong - erroneous quotes:
URI "ldap:// ldaps://"
is incorrect, while
# Right - space-separated list of URIs, without quotes:
URI ldap:// ldaps://
URI ldap:// ldaps://
# Right - DN syntax needs quoting for Example, Inc:
BASE ou=IT staff,o="Example, Inc",c=US
# or:
BASE ou=IT staff,o=Example2C Inc,c=US
is correct (note the absence of the double quotes).
# Wrong - comment on same line as option:
DEREF never # Never follow aliases
A line cannot be longer than LINE_MAX, which should be more than 2000 bytes
on all platforms.
There is no mechanism to split a long line on multiple lines, either for
beautification or to overcome the above limit.
The different configuration options are:
.B URI <ldap[si]://[name[:port]] ...>
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