Commit b850f4ff authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu Committed by Quanah Gibson-Mount
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ITS#6963 config entries' objectclass is read-only

parent 20ce79b5
......@@ -5369,6 +5369,11 @@ config_modify_internal( CfEntryInfo *ce, Operation *op, SlapReply *rs,
oc_at = attr_find( e->e_attrs, slap_schema.si_ad_objectClass );
if ( !oc_at ) return LDAP_OBJECT_CLASS_VIOLATION;
for (ml = op->orm_modlist; ml; ml=ml->sml_next) {
if (ml->sml_desc == slap_schema.si_ad_objectClass)
return rc;
colst = count_ocs( oc_at, &nocs );
/* make sure add/del flags are clear; should always be true */
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