Commit be55e8cb authored by Zebediah Figura's avatar Zebediah Figura Committed by Quanah Gibson-Mount
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ITS#8508 - Allow ucgendat.c to recognize title-case characters even if they do...

ITS#8508 - Allow ucgendat.c to recognize title-case characters even if they do not have lower-case equivalents

I, Zebediah Figura, hereby place the following modifications to OpenLDAP Software (and only these modifications) into the public domain. Hence, these modifications may be freely used and/or redistributed for any purpose with or without attribution and/or other notice.
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......@@ -536,6 +536,13 @@ add_title(ac_uint4 code)
cases[2] = code;
* If the upper case character is not present, then make it the same as
* the title case.
if (cases[0] == 0)
cases[0] = code;
if (title_used == title_size) {
if (title_size == 0)
title = (_case_t *) malloc(sizeof(_case_t) << 3);
......@@ -818,7 +825,7 @@ read_cdata(FILE *in)
ac_uint4 i, lineno, skip, code, ccl_code;
short wnum, neg, number[2], compat;
char line[512], *s, *e;
char line[512], *s, *e, *first_prop;
lineno = skip = 0;
while (fgets(line, sizeof(line), in)) {
......@@ -962,6 +969,8 @@ read_cdata(FILE *in)
for (e = s; *e && *e != ';'; e++) ;
first_prop = s;
ordered_range_insert(code, s, e - s);
......@@ -1109,7 +1118,7 @@ read_cdata(FILE *in)
if (*s == ';')
if (cases[0] && cases[1])
if (!strncmp(first_prop,"Lt",2) && (cases[0] || cases[1]))
* Add the upper and lower mappings for a title case character.
......@@ -1495,7 +1495,7 @@ static const ac_uint4 _ucprop_ranges[] = {
static const ac_uint4 _uccase_size = 1504;
static const ac_uint2 _uccase_len[2] = {745, 755};
static const ac_uint2 _uccase_len[2] = {718, 755};
static const ac_uint4 _uccase_map[] = {
0x00000041, 0x00000061, 0x00000041,
......@@ -2086,40 +2086,14 @@ static const ac_uint4 _uccase_map[] = {
0x00001f6d, 0x00001f65, 0x00001f6d,
0x00001f6e, 0x00001f66, 0x00001f6e,
0x00001f6f, 0x00001f67, 0x00001f6f,
0x00001f88, 0x00001f80, 0x00001f88,
0x00001f89, 0x00001f81, 0x00001f89,
0x00001f8a, 0x00001f82, 0x00001f8a,
0x00001f8b, 0x00001f83, 0x00001f8b,
0x00001f8c, 0x00001f84, 0x00001f8c,
0x00001f8d, 0x00001f85, 0x00001f8d,
0x00001f8e, 0x00001f86, 0x00001f8e,
0x00001f8f, 0x00001f87, 0x00001f8f,
0x00001f98, 0x00001f90, 0x00001f98,
0x00001f99, 0x00001f91, 0x00001f99,
0x00001f9a, 0x00001f92, 0x00001f9a,
0x00001f9b, 0x00001f93, 0x00001f9b,
0x00001f9c, 0x00001f94, 0x00001f9c,
0x00001f9d, 0x00001f95, 0x00001f9d,
0x00001f9e, 0x00001f96, 0x00001f9e,
0x00001f9f, 0x00001f97, 0x00001f9f,
0x00001fa8, 0x00001fa0, 0x00001fa8,
0x00001fa9, 0x00001fa1, 0x00001fa9,
0x00001faa, 0x00001fa2, 0x00001faa,
0x00001fab, 0x00001fa3, 0x00001fab,
0x00001fac, 0x00001fa4, 0x00001fac,
0x00001fad, 0x00001fa5, 0x00001fad,
0x00001fae, 0x00001fa6, 0x00001fae,
0x00001faf, 0x00001fa7, 0x00001faf,
0x00001fb8, 0x00001fb0, 0x00001fb8,
0x00001fb9, 0x00001fb1, 0x00001fb9,
0x00001fba, 0x00001f70, 0x00001fba,
0x00001fbb, 0x00001f71, 0x00001fbb,
0x00001fbc, 0x00001fb3, 0x00001fbc,
0x00001fc8, 0x00001f72, 0x00001fc8,
0x00001fc9, 0x00001f73, 0x00001fc9,
0x00001fca, 0x00001f74, 0x00001fca,
0x00001fcb, 0x00001f75, 0x00001fcb,
0x00001fcc, 0x00001fc3, 0x00001fcc,
0x00001fd8, 0x00001fd0, 0x00001fd8,
0x00001fd9, 0x00001fd1, 0x00001fd9,
0x00001fda, 0x00001f76, 0x00001fda,
......@@ -2133,7 +2107,6 @@ static const ac_uint4 _uccase_map[] = {
0x00001ff9, 0x00001f79, 0x00001ff9,
0x00001ffa, 0x00001f7c, 0x00001ffa,
0x00001ffb, 0x00001f7d, 0x00001ffb,
0x00001ffc, 0x00001ff3, 0x00001ffc,
0x00002126, 0x000003c9, 0x00002126,
0x0000212a, 0x0000006b, 0x0000212a,
0x0000212b, 0x000000e5, 0x0000212b,
......@@ -3001,7 +2974,34 @@ static const ac_uint4 _uccase_map[] = {
0x000001c5, 0x000001c4, 0x000001c6,
0x000001c8, 0x000001c7, 0x000001c9,
0x000001cb, 0x000001ca, 0x000001cc,
0x000001f2, 0x000001f1, 0x000001f3
0x000001f2, 0x000001f1, 0x000001f3,
0x00001f88, 0x00001f88, 0x00001f80,
0x00001f89, 0x00001f89, 0x00001f81,
0x00001f8a, 0x00001f8a, 0x00001f82,
0x00001f8b, 0x00001f8b, 0x00001f83,
0x00001f8c, 0x00001f8c, 0x00001f84,
0x00001f8d, 0x00001f8d, 0x00001f85,
0x00001f8e, 0x00001f8e, 0x00001f86,
0x00001f8f, 0x00001f8f, 0x00001f87,
0x00001f98, 0x00001f98, 0x00001f90,
0x00001f99, 0x00001f99, 0x00001f91,
0x00001f9a, 0x00001f9a, 0x00001f92,
0x00001f9b, 0x00001f9b, 0x00001f93,
0x00001f9c, 0x00001f9c, 0x00001f94,
0x00001f9d, 0x00001f9d, 0x00001f95,
0x00001f9e, 0x00001f9e, 0x00001f96,
0x00001f9f, 0x00001f9f, 0x00001f97,
0x00001fa8, 0x00001fa8, 0x00001fa0,
0x00001fa9, 0x00001fa9, 0x00001fa1,
0x00001faa, 0x00001faa, 0x00001fa2,
0x00001fab, 0x00001fab, 0x00001fa3,
0x00001fac, 0x00001fac, 0x00001fa4,
0x00001fad, 0x00001fad, 0x00001fa5,
0x00001fae, 0x00001fae, 0x00001fa6,
0x00001faf, 0x00001faf, 0x00001fa7,
0x00001fbc, 0x00001fbc, 0x00001fb3,
0x00001fcc, 0x00001fcc, 0x00001fc3,
0x00001ffc, 0x00001ffc, 0x00001ff3
static const ac_uint4 _uccomp_size = 3684;
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