Commit e8e82933 authored by Hallvard Furuseth's avatar Hallvard Furuseth
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ITS#8542 mdb_dbi_open(): Protect mainDB cursors

parent 47393f4e
......@@ -9724,7 +9724,8 @@ int mdb_dbi_open(MDB_txn *txn, const char *name, unsigned int flags, MDB_dbi *db
memset(&dummy, 0, sizeof(dummy));
dummy.md_root = P_INVALID;
dummy.md_flags = flags & PERSISTENT_FLAGS;
rc = mdb_cursor_put(&mc, &key, &data, F_SUBDATA);
rc = mdb_cursor_put(&mc, &key, &data, F_SUBDATA));
dbflag |= DB_DIRTY;
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