Commit 71c07f0d authored by Howard Chu's avatar Howard Chu
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ITS#8311 add comment

parent f9d3dc82
......@@ -8251,6 +8251,11 @@ mdb_page_split(MDB_cursor *mc, MDB_val *newkey, MDB_val *newdata, pgno_t newpgno
rp->mp_pad = mp->mp_pad;
DPRINTF(("new right sibling: page %"Z"u", rp->mp_pgno));
/* Usually when splitting the root page, the cursor
* height is 1. But when called from mdb_update_key,
* the cursor height may be greater because it walks
* up the stack while finding the branch slot to update.
if (mc->mc_top < 1) {
if ((rc = mdb_page_new(mc, P_BRANCH, 1, &pp)))
goto done;
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