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Clarify use of private -core mailing list. -devel is the primary

developer discussion/coordinate list.
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This document is being replaced with:
However, some of the info here is still useful.
Coding guide lines and and hints for OpenLDAP developers.
......@@ -69,8 +74,10 @@ CVS updating
-stable. To get the -devel (HEAD) branch, omit `-r OPENLDAP_STABLE'.
You can use 'cvs status -v README' to get a list available CVS tags.
Core members should subscribe to the private -core mailing list and
coordinate activities there.
Core members should subscribe to the -core mailing list. This
list is for private discussions between core team members. The
-devel list is the primary list used to for technical disscusions
and coordinating efforts.
Please test patches before committing. This should include compiling
and linking the system AND running the test suite.
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