Commit cb587e9b authored by Kurt Zeilenga's avatar Kurt Zeilenga
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Added check routines from Stuart Lynne

parent 3d6c77cb
......@@ -81,3 +81,31 @@ int pthread_rdwr_wunlock_np(pthread_rdwr_t *rdwrp)
return 0;
/* just for testing,
* return 0 if false, suitable for assert(pthread_rdwr_Xchk(rdwr))
* Currently they don't check if the calling thread is the one
* that has the lock, just that there is a reader or writer.
* Basically sufficent for testing that places that should have
* a lock are caught.
int pthread_rdwr_rchk_np(pthread_rdwr_t *rdwrp)
int pthread_rdwr_wchk_np(pthread_rdwr_t *rdwrp)
int pthread_rdwr_rwchk_np(pthread_rdwr_t *rdwrp)
return(pthread_rdwr_rchk_np(rdwrp) || pthread_rdwr_wchk_np(rdwrp));
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