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    Add LBER_ and LDAP_ memory allocators/deallocators for internal · 1bcec8bf
    Kurt Zeilenga authored
    library use:
      LBER_ macros expand to system routines.
      LDAP_ macros expand to new ber_ allocators.
    Add ber_ and ldap_ memory allocators/deallocator:
      ber_ routines are wrappers of LBER_ macros.
      ldap_ routines are wrappers of ber_ routines.
    Removed safe_realloc() macro from various files.  This issue
    (if an issue) should be resolved across whole package.
    ldapmodify.c now uses ber_ allocators to resolve ber_bvfree()
    vs. WIN32 multiple heaps issue.
    These changes should facilate implementation of
      ber_set_option( NULL, LBER_OPT_MEMORY_FN, ...)
      ldap_set_option( NULL, LDAP_OPT_MEMORY_FN, ...).