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    Initial implementation of Kerberos password verification for · 6437785a
    Kurt Zeilenga authored
    simple bind via:
    Code is disabled by default (for security reasons).  Use
    --enable-kpasswd to enable.  Behind SLAPD_KPASSWD.
    Reworked Kerberos detection and split out KBIND as independent
    feature (--disable-kbind) (LDAP_API_FEATURE_X_OPENLDAP_V2_KBIND).
    KBIND depends upon detection of KRB4 (or KRB425) support.  Detection,
    building with eBones (as distributed with FreeBSD 3.4) okay, but
    wasn't able to test as I don't have a K4 KDC handy.
    --with-kerberos has a number of detection options... most likely
    don't work properly.