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    Protoized, moved extern definitions to .h files, fixed related bugs. · 7e6ad510
    Hallvard Furuseth authored
    Most function and variable definitions are now preceded by its extern
    definition, for error checking.  Retyped a number of functions, usually
    to return void.  Fixed a number of printf format errors.
    API changes (in ldap/include):
      Added avl_dup_ok, avl_prefixapply, removed ber_fatten (probably typo
      for ber_flatten), retyped ldap_sort_strcasecmp, grew lutil.h.
    A number of `extern' declarations are left (some added by protoize), to
    be cleaned away later.  Mostly strdup(), strcasecmp(), mktemp(), optind,
    optarg, errno.