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    * configure.in: add tcl8.2 to list of tcl libs to search for, also added new MOD_TCL_LIB · ed75be1b
    Ben Collins authored
      and related AC_SUBST() so that when back-tcl is compiled as a dynamic module we link
      -ltcl to the module and not slapd (this is the correct way to do this since the .la file
      handles giving the correct libs when we pass the module to it in the linker line with
      -dlopen). Also modified the perl backend in a similar way except that the PERL_CPPFLAGS
      always go to the module and never to slapd (slapd doesn't need them).
    * build/mod.mk: added $(MODLIBS) to the dynamic module link line to accomodate module
      specific libraries. These should be defined in the back-*/Makefile.in file for each
      module (so far only back-tcl and back-perl need it).
    * build/top.mk: modified the perl ldflags and cppflags slightly
    * servers/slapd/Makefile.in: same here
    * servers/slapd/back-perl/Makefile.in: added MODLIBS=$(MOD_PERL_LDFLAGS) for when we are
      using a dynamic module (problem, libtool wont allow linking static libs into a libtool
      lib, so unless perl's libs are compiled dynamic, then back-perl can't be a dynamic
      module. We need a test for this on perl and tcl).
    * servers/slapd/back-tcl/Makefile.in: added MODLIBS=$(MOD_TCL_LIB)
    * back-perl and back-tcl now compile