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ITS#9463 cumulative fix for back-wt

HAMANO Tsukasa requested to merge hamano/openldap:its9463 into master
  • LDAP MODRDN handling
  • support paged response
  • add wt_extended
  • add config emit
  • wt_key_read() return WT_NOTFOUND if not found key.
  • add ext_candidates()
  • fix idlcache session name
  • fix warning
  • don't reuse idlcache cursor
  • set correct pid when modrdn with newsuperior
  • fix condition bug
  • fix send_search_entry() error handling
  • fix for referral handling
  • fix for readonly mode
  • fix sizelimit response
  • support modrdn
  • improve modify handling
  • clear ancestor idlcache
  • fix for multi-DIT
  • IMPORTANT CHANGES: Compatibility is broken with previous database table, please restore database from LDIF.
  • checking for scope=children
  • sort dn2idl result
  • fix cursor leak
  • support db_open with readonly mode
  • add wt_tool_entry_delete
  • initialize comp variable
  • support referrals
  • implement wt_tool_dn2id_get() and wt_tool_entry_modify() for slapadd -w
  • skip redundant scan, and more debug message
  • fix OID conflict with back-passwd
  • no need to close session, It may cause SEGV.
  • fixed wt_dn2entry for empty DN
  • support multiple database
  • Construct wiredtiger's config parameter. It allow multi line wtconfig settings
  • add idlcache
  • fix concurrent modification to a entry with multi values
  • prevent to add duplicate dn entry
  • suppress error message "search_near failed: WT_NOTFOUND"
Edited by HAMANO Tsukasa

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