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Draft: Client performance statistics

James Lowden requested to merge jklowden/openldap:stats into master

Add statistics gathering and reporting to utilities in tests/progs.

Create new command-line option -% filename for C programs. For the scripts, the environment variable TESTER_STATS; if set to a filename, route statistics there by invoking the C program with the value of that variable as an argument to -%.

When writing statistics output, the client detects whether the output file is a FIFO or not. If not, the output is printed as test. If it's a FIFO, it was created by slapd-tester.c, which reads and coordinates client statistics display. The client writes a portion of a server struct in binary form for slapd-tester to read and display to filename.

Please see tests/ for further details.

Edited by Ondřej Kuzník

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